9 Most effective ways to last longer in bed


Sex is an integral part of a relationship. It keeps your bond connected strongly with your life partner.

It simply bonds you. It’s not only about fun.

As human muscles weaken over passing time and during sex, some specific muscles do works which help your body fit and healthy.

Building up your sexual stamina create a new sense of conviction and pride in your abilities.

Many men are looking how to increase stamina in bed for men naturally and maintain it.

By increasing your sexual stamina you can keep your partner satisfied and happy.

There are many pills, tablet available in the market to increase male sexual stamina. But there are some natural ways which can help you to last longer and stay firmer in the bed.

If you want to know how to increase your sexual stamina, just read on :

last longer in bed

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8 Natural ways to Increase Sexual Stamina and Power


1. Getting Enough Sleep

Your body testosterone is produced while you sleep. If you have consistently poor sleep your testosterone levels drop rapidly. So try to sleep much.

Try to take an extra nap during the day. It will be helpful to you. Sleep in the darkroom as possible and prioritize getting at least 9 hours of rest per night and also some extra little naps during the day.

last longer in bed

Your body’s testosterone level production will increase from the improved sleep and little nap.

The extra testosterone level will give your sexual stamina a power and boost.Sleep deprivation for a week leads to a 10-12 % drop in testosterone levels.

2. Connect with Your Breath

last longer in bed

When your body is less connected your mind the less control you have over it. You have to put all of your attention on the pleasure you are feeling at that moment.

An easier way to control your ejaculation is to focus on breathing and relaxing.


3. Exercise regularly –

Exercise is the best way to remain fit. During sex, your heart rate might go up. Exercise helps you to increases sexual stamina.

Exercise helps you to manage your heart rate. 30-40 minutes of daily exercise (Running, Swimming) will help you a lot.

Yoga stimulates the sexual awakening. Physical exercises increase your immunity and strength.


4. Pay attention to your partner –

You have to pay attention to your partner. Ask your partner about her sexual desires. Talk to her. Give her attention, it can help you to understand when she wants you to turn on or slow down.

Best way to enhance your sexual life is to have an honest talk with your life partner.


5. Longevity and Masturbation –

Masturbation can help you to increase your longevity in bed. It is the best way to practice sex. Don’t over masturbate it will affect or decrease your sex time with your partner.


6. Eat Healthy foods –

Vitamin B1 gives helps you to give quick signals from your brain via the nervous system to the penis. You can eat Kidney beans, peanuts. Omega-3 fatty acids increase the blood flow.

You can intake olive oil, tuna, salmon, Avocados etc. Strawberries contain zinc which is good for sex drive. Zinc also controls and manages testosterone levels.

Watermelon contains citrulline which cures erectile dysfunction. Chocolate enhances your mood and helps to release dopamine chemical.


7. Eat Vegetables and Fruits –

Bananas are rich in potassium helps your body to lower blood pressure which benefits sexual performance. Do not overeat before sex. Always maintain a balanced diet.

Onion and garlic are great because they improve blood circulation. But they are not ideal for your breath. Pepper increases the blood flow by reducing inflammation.

Take these foods in a limited amount.

8. Reduce your Mental Stress

Stress sometimes causes havoc on your libido. Increase in heart rate and blood pressure is due to stress. Due to stress, you can’t achieve orgasm properly. Yoga and Meditation are best for you to reduce mental stress.


9. Get Help –

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. You need to see a medical treatment. Talk to the doctor about your sexual life. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction you can try Cialis, Viagra etc. Getting enough sleep also cures erectile dysfunction.


The Problem

Premature ejaculation is a problem that most men have experienced at some time or other. Most of the time, for most of me, it is a “one-off”, but for millions, it is a permanent affliction. The exact cause remains a mystery – but that is probably due to their being many different causes, rather than one.

So just what is “Premature Ejaculation”?

The term “Premature Ejaculation” is used to describe this problem.

So, there is no accurate “time limit”. If you climax earlier than you would have liked, then it’s Premature Ejaculation. And, let’s face it, just about every man has had that experience at some time or another. So let’s not get hung up on the terminology.

In the medical world, where they have tried to provide a more exact definition, we are told the definitions of Premature Ejaculation range from “coming within six thrusts”.

Coming before your partner can be misleading – as it’s a lot easier for women to take an hour or more to reach orgasm!

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