How to Reduce Hair Fall


how to reduce hair fall

Are you suffering from hair fall so “how to reduce hair fall“?

Well, hair fall is a natural process when it remains to 5-10 hair fall a day.

But it can be a serious issue if you are getting 150-200 hair fall every morning when you get out of your bed.

This is the time when fear comes in our mind of losing hair. Whether you are men or women everyone wants healthy and beautiful hair.

This is only possible if you care enough about your hair on daily basis. To know “how to reduce hair fall” you can do this, just read on :


Table of Contents –

1. Myths about Hair fall.

2. Stages of Hair growth.

3. Causes of Hair fall.

4. 50 Natural ways to stop Hair fall.


But before explaining the ways to prevent hair fall. There are some questions or myths about hair fall in your mind. So we will try to explain some of them here :


     How to Reduce Hair Fall


1. Myth-Ist- Shaving your head will fix the problem.

This is a very common myth I have heard many times from the people that shaving your head will help you to grow thicker hair and if you are trying this you will be disappointed.

2. Myth-IInd- Hair Treatment and coloring lead to hair loss.

Well, hair treatments and color dyes, colors are not good for your hair but there are also some natural remedies available in Ayurveda you can use and have fun with your hair. As sometimes coloring treatments and color dyes sometimes lead to hair fall.

3. Myth-IIIrd- Only men are affected by balding.

This myth is not true, at least 39% of women are affected by balding. It is not common in men. This problem occurs in both male and female.       


Stages of Hair Growth 

Hair has a life cycle of about 3-4 years. Between these years hair grows and crosses four stages of hair growth. These stages are Anagen (Shredding Phase), Catagen (Regression Phase), Exogen (Shredding Phase), Telogen (Resting Phase).

Your diet plays an important role in the growth of your hair. Ensure your diet is rich in Nutrients, Vitamins. There are thousands of products in a market which claims to give you stronger hair.

But you need to understand four stages of the hair growth cycle to maintain longer and thicker hair.


Hair Growth Stages 

1. Anagen – Anagen is actually a growing phase of your hair which continues for 2-6 years. Length of this phase (Anagen) determines the length of your hair.

2. Catagen – Catagen is regarded as a transitional phase which continues for at least 10-11 days. During the transitional phase hair follicles gets detached from dermal papilla and decreases in size.

3. Telogen – Telogen is known as resting phase which continues for around 3-4 months. In this resting phase new hair grows up and old hairs are in resting position.

4. Exogen – After the resting phase, exogen stage comes where your old hairs start falling. Approximately you will loose 90-100 hair fall a day. This is a normal rate of hair shedding.


Causes of Hair Fall 

Many factors influence the growth of your hair. Causes of hair fall vary from one person to another person. It depends on your lifestyle and your diet. Following are some causes of hair fall that are affecting your hair growth –

1. Stress – Today’s world is full of stress. People have no time for their family and health. People don’t focus on a healthy lifestyle. They are just running their lives on money.

Do Exercises and Meditation in the early morning to relieve stress. Quit bad habits like smoking and drinking.


2. Overstyling –If you are over-styling your hair by using hair dyes, aerosol sprays they might affect your hair growth very badly. Don’t use color hair dyes.

These dyes have chemicals composition. Use natural conditioners and shampoo.


3. Pregnancy – During pregnancy women suffers from hair fall due to stress. Don’t worry it’s normal. This normally happens in post pregnancy.

Don’t take any pills during pregnancy or breastfeeding. It will affect your child’s health.


4. Hormonal Changes – Women on Menstrual cycles might suffer from hair fall due to hormonal imbalance. Hypothyroid, Avarian Cyst, Hyperthyroid is responsible for the body’s hormonal imbalance leading to hair shredding.


5. Hereditary Factors – You hair baldness depends on your genes. If you grandfather suffered from baldness then it might pass on to the future generations. Men suffer more than women genetically.


how to reduce hair fall

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“How to Reduce Hair Fall” – 50+ Proven ways to Stop and Reduce Hair fall 


1. Spinach Carrot Juice

How to Reduce Hair Fall



1 cup of fresh spinach,
torn 1 large carrot,
chopped 1 cup of sweet potatoes,

1 large banana, sliced 1 whole lime, peeled 1 small ginger knob, peeled

Preparation: Wash the spinach thoroughly under cold running water. Slightly drain and torn with hands. Set aside. Wash and peel the carrot.

Cut into thin slices and set aside. Peel the sweet potato and cut into small cubes. Fill the measuring cup and reserve the rest for later.

Set aside. Peel the banana and chop into chunks. Set aside. Peel the lime and cut lengthwise in half. Set aside. Peel the ginger knob and set aside.

Now, combine spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, banana, lime, and ginger in a juicer and process until juiced.

Transfer to a serving glass and refrigerate for 15 minutes before serving. Enjoy! Nutrition information per serving: Kcal: 270, Protein: 10.5g, Carbs: 77.1g, Fats: 1.6g


2. Orange Celery Juice

How to Reduce Hair Fall



1 small orange,
wedged 2 medium-sized celery stalk 1 small apple,
cored 1 large strawberry,

Preparation: Peel the orange and divide into wedges. Set aside. Wash the celery and cut into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.

Wash the apple and cut in half. Remove the core and cut into bite-sized pieces. Set aside. Wash the strawberry and cut in half. Set aside.

Now, combine orange, celery, apple, and strawberry in a juicer and process until well juiced. Transfer to a serving glass and add some crushed ice.

Serve immediately. Nutrition information per serving: Kcal: 116, Protein: 2.2g, Carbs: 34.6g, Fats: 0.6g


3. Cauliflower Carrot Juice


2 cauliflower flowerets,
chopped 2 small carrots,
chopped 1 cup of blackberries 1 cup of cucumber,
sliced 1 cup of fresh kale,

Preparation: Wash the cauliflower thoroughly and chop into small pieces. Set aside. Wash and peel the carrots. Cut into thin slices and set aside.

Place the blackberries in a colander and rinse under cold running water. Slightly drain and set aside. Wash the cucumber and cut into thin slices.

Fill the measuring cup and reserve the rest for later. Rinse the kale thoroughly and slightly drain. Torn with hands and set aside. Now, combine cauliflower, carrots, blackberries, cucumber, and kale in a juicer and process until juiced.

Wash and peel the carrots. Cut into thin slices and set aside. Place the blackberries in a colander and rinse under cold running water.

Slightly drain and set aside. Wash the cucumber and cut into thin slices. Fill the measuring cup and reserve the rest for later.

Rinse the kale thoroughly and slightly drain. Torn with hands and set aside. Now, combine cauliflower, carrots, blackberries, cucumber, and kale in a juicer and process until juiced.


4. Bean sprouts 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Bean sprouts contain Nutritive principals of energy. They have been used for many years due to its health benefit. They are the richest sources of minerals and vitamins.

Mung bean sprouts are rich in vitamin C. Bean sprouts are low in calories. If you are weight conscious you should go for Bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are a hundred times richer in enzymes than fruits and vegetables.

Mung sprout beans are good for your hair.


5. Sea Food 

Seafood is the foods rich in minerals, proteins, and minerals. Promotes heart health, good for joints, Good skin. Boosts brainpower, Maintain eyesight, Pregnancy benefits, Fight against depression, Recovery from Depression.

Oily salmon fish is rich in Iron, VitaminB12, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Seafood helps you to retain a healthy scalp. Omega3-fatty acid deficiency leads to dull hair and dry scalp.

6. Spinach 

Spinach is low in cholesterol and fat. It is high in zinc, protein, Vitamins K, A, C, E, magnesium phosphorus. It behaves as an antioxidant and protects the body from free radicals.

Spinach is a superfood that you shouldn’t compromise. It is rich in Iron which combats hair loss. Deficiency of Fe often leads to hair fall.


7. Potatoes 

Potatoes contain nutrients and iron or phosphorus which are good for health. It promotes bone health. Maintained blood pressure. Improve’s heart health, Treat’s Cancer, Inflammation, Digestion and regularity, Weight management, Increases immunity.

Potatoes remove itchiness and dandruff from hair. Juice of potatoes works like a natural conditioner. You can directly apply potatoes juice to the hair scalp.


8. Raisins 

Raisins are sugar and calorie rich and have fiber, iron calcium and boron. It acts as an antioxidant. Raisins contain Phytochemical which promotes hair growth.

They help in maintaining hair and keeping hair strong. Dandruff, itchiness can be removed by eating raisins. Raisins also purify due to the presence of resveratrol in it. Resveratrol removes the toxic cell from the blood.


9. Oysters

Oysters contain zinc. They are a good source of essential nutrients. Oysters can also help you to lose weight. They help to lower cholesterol. Oysters help in maintaining the energy.

Oysters are rich in zinc minerals which helps in hair tissue repair. It is advised you should take zinc in a limited amount. Overconsumption of zinc lowers the ability of the body to absorb copper.


10. Consider your diet 

Create your best diet plan. Focus on your daily diet. Eat protein-rich foods as they build tissues in our body. Consume enough protein foods like egg, fishes, and milk.


11. Salon Treatment (Hair Spa)

Salon treatment, hair spa or massage centers are best for you during vacations. But they can be also helpful as they provide hair spa facilities.

Hair spa treatments strengthen your hair and nourish them. It is also the best way to relax your mind from stress.

During hair spa treatment the hair oil used in soap deeply nourishes it and help in regaining nourishments, repairs dull hairs and removing or treating spilled ends.


12. Egg and green tea hair treatment

Eggs moisturize your hair. You should apply 3 times a week. Eggs are a great source of fatty acids and especially protein.

You will need :

1. 1 Egg.
2. 2 tbsp of Green Tea.
3. Shower cap.

Take a clean bowl and put 1 egg yolk in it. Then add freshly prepared 2 tbsp of green tea. Mix both of them. You can dilute the mixture by adding green tea to it.

Then apply this solution to different parts of your hair and scalp. Use a shower cap to cover your hair. Leave it to 28-30 minutes and then rinse with water cold water and with shampoo.


13. Massage with oil Regularly

How to Reduce Hair Fall

We have several times from our mother and grandmother about massage oil in hair. Beneficials which will promote your hair growth are coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil.

Massage with one of these oils on regular basis and sometimes after the bath. These oils will help in nourishing your hair scalp.


14. Don’t pull your hair tight 

Hairstyling often damages your hair. Well, most women’s especially girls used to make ponytails, braids, pigtails and the bad side of these hairstyles are that they are tied tightly.

When you tied your hair tightly hair starts pulling out from their roots.

15. Apply natural juices 

Applying Natural juice can be a great option for preventing hair fall. Natural home remedies like garlic juice, onion juice, ginger juice. Rub your hair with these juices and leave it for one night and wash hair in the morning.



16. Don’t use chemical treatments

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Chemical dyes, treatments are very harmful to your hair. Usually, people color their hairs continuously with different colors, hot ironing, straightening, rebounding are common now a day.

These treatments weaken your hair roots. As color dyes contain different compositions of chemicals. If you are experiencing hair fall you shouldn’t color your hair.


17. Change your habits 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

People very often use hair or blow-dryer to dry their wet hair after showering but it’s not the best way to do. Use a towel to dry your wet hairs as blow-dryer damages the scalp and dry the hair follicles.


18. Meditation 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Today’s world is full of stress and tension and this can be a factor in promoting your hair fall due to mental stress. In order to overcome it, Meditation for at least 15 minutes is necessary for the early morning.

Mental state has effects on our stress hormones. Yoga and meditation increase blood circulation in the body.


19. Use Natural Hair Conditioners 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

There are several branded companies conditioners available in the market. But most of them contain the harmful components of chemicals.

You have to avoid chemical treatments for your hair. You can even search in google for Ayurveda hair treatments or home remedies conditioners to improve your hair nourishment and strengthen roots of your hair oil.


20. Hot oil treatment 


Warm oil treatments are generally more preferred as they go deep into the scalp to nourish the scalp. You can apply even warm oil before an hour of showering or bathing.

Procedures :

Take 2tbps of olive oil into a bowl and warm it slightly for a couple of seconds. Then massage your hair with warm oil gently. Massage your hairs for at least 15 minutes.

Leave the oil for 45-50 minutes. Wrap your hair with a towel. After 1 hour washes your hair with water or with shampoo.


21. Carrots

Carrots are a great source of Vitamin A. It supports the production of Sebum oil in the hair. Sebum helps hair to remain moisturized and healthy. Low formation of Sebum in hair leads to hair fall and dandruff.


22. Keep your scalp healthy 

How to Reduce Hair Fall


You have to keep your hair scalp healthy. If you don’t shower daily but at least apply oil to your hair daily. This will nourish your scalp and your scalp will remain healthy.

Massaging hair nourishes your hair follicles, increases hair longevity and strengthens your hair.


23. Choose hair product wisely 

This is another important factor related to your hair growth. As nowadays people usually don’t check the description when they purchase they always prefer branded hair products.

Brands like soul tree, Organic search, Bodyshape have really good products options available you can check them out.


24. Wash your hair thrice a week

You must wash your hair daily and is not at least 3 times a week. Use natural remedies and proven natural shampoo and conditioners, use oil massage daily to nourish your hair.

It keeps your hair clean from dirt, sweat, bacteria. Overwashing your hair will dry your scalp. So wash your hair gently and smoothly.


25. Egg hair mask

Egg hair mask is another great option to enhance or promote hair growth. Eggs are rich in protein, strengthens your hair roots. It is a natural biotin and has vitamin B-12 which is all responsible for great hair growth.

You can try egg hair mask with green tea. You can also try hot oil treatments.


26. Coconut Oil 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

As coconut oil is tonic for hair. It has various health and hair benefits, coconut oil is very common in day-to-day life. Regular use of coconut oil on regular basis will improve hair growth.

You can also use lavender essential oils.


27. Aloe-vera

How to Reduce Hair Fall


Aloe-vera is preferred for various things. You can also use it to promote hair growth. It is also highly preferred in Ayurveda and has higher importance than any medicine.

It can be used for removing face acne, marks. You can also eat aloe-vera to improve the body’s health.


28. Amla(nectar) for hair 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

As amla is a great source of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. In Ayurveda, it is highly preferred for preventing disease. It promotes longevity, strength to your hair.


29. Drink more water 

If you want lighter and thicker hair then you have to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water in early morning daily. Especially warm water in the morning flushes out toxins out of our body and enhances metabolism activity.

Water hydrates your body and helps in regulating the circulatory system. Sometimes hair fall occurs due to the adequate water level in your hair roots.


30. Pump in more oxygen 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Pranayam in the morning is the best way to pump in or inhale oxygen in the morning. Meditating or pranayama at 4:00 am in the morning makes you fit. As there is more level of oxygen in the early morning.


31. Wear bangles(For women) 

There are certain acupressure points on the wrist for reproductive organs like (uterus, ovaries). It keeps ovaries in good health. As ovaries produce estrogen, which has various functions like hair growth.


32. Avoid these foods 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

In order to promote better hair growth, you should avoid this food or drink resources. Smoking, Drinking, Coffee or tea, fried snacks or foods. By ignoring these type of foods you will be able to reduce hair fall.


33. Eat Fresh foods and vegetables

It is advisable to eat fresh foods and vegetables as it is highly concerned with your body’s health. Always buy fresh vegetables from the market. Don’t eat night’s stale food in the morning as there no energy, carbohydrates left in stale food.


34. Consume Nutritional Foods 

If you are struggling with immensive hair fall it is possible that some essential nutrients such as Proteins, Zinc, Iron and Copper are missing from your diet. Another cause of hair loss is a deficiency of Vitamin D.


35. Oats and Walnuts 

Oats are a good source of Omega-6fatty acids, Iron, Fibre, Zinc and PUFAs which makes your healthy and thick. Walnuts are rich in Vitamin B9, B1, B6, biotin, Magnesium and protein which makes hair cuticles strong.


36. Lentils 

They are the rich source of Biotin, Protein, Zinc, Iron. Lentils contain folic acid which is good for restoring blood cells healthy. Lentils will help you to reduce hair fall.

If you really want to improve your hair growth you must try lentils.


37. Scalp Reduction 

In this process, the bald skin area on your head is decreased. The left space is covered with hair-covered scalp and with the time, the skin on head stretched enough so that it can be surgically removed.


38. Hairline Lowering 

Hairline lowering is often used for lowering high hairlines, but there always remain visible scars after the further loss of hairs.


39. Wigs 

As it is actually funny, but it is a good alternative to surgery and other medications having side-effects options. Various natural looking and high-quality wigs are available in the market you can go and check out if you are interested.


40. Quit Smoking

Smoking thickens your blood wall tissues which result in the poor supply of oxygen to your hair scalp. Quit smoking today. If you are struggling to quit smoking read this article.


41. Chemotherapy 

You can also use hypothermia caps to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy procedure when anthracyclines are used. There are fewer side-effects of this treatment. It will help you to reduce hair fall.


42. Embracing Baldness 

Some people will also go with shaving their head but this creates a similar situation to shaving your face. Especially in some areas shaved heads of women is particularly not acceptable.


43. Be kind to your hair 

Some of the things you can do are to be kinder to your hair by not using a hair dryer to dry hairs, don’t color your hair every week in different shades and colors.

Don’t use a comb to dry hairs massaged with hair gel and hair wax. Use wide-toothed comb when hairs are wet, avoid unnecessary straightening, curling, brushing.


44. Anti-Oxidant (Detoxification)

How to Reduce Hair Fall

You can drink Green Tea, Black Tea as they contain anti-oxidants properties which will boost your hair growth and also prevents further hair loss.


45. Natural Juices 

Natural Juices like garlic juice, ginger juice, onion juice are great options for hair treatment. You can apply a paste of these natural juices and leave for it overnight and rinse with water in the morning.

Natural juices contain phytochemicals and vitamins which acts as anti-oxidants. Drinking juices avoid hair damage. Guava juice, Kiwi juice, Aloe-vera juice, Cucumber juice, Carrot juice are good for your hair.


46. Essential Oil Scalp Massage 

By taking Oil massages helps to increase hair growth. You can use rosemary, thyme and lavender oil to nourish your hair scalp. Massage gently your hair scalp. Massage gently your hair an after one hour, shampoo your hair.


47. Keep the Peace 

Many times the cause of hair loss is stress and tension. Try yoga or meditation in the morning it will help you to relieve your stress and calm your mind.


48. Break Bad Habits 

Smoking affects the blood and blocks the nerves due to which sometimes due to which blood will not flow to the scalp. Try to avoid smoking and Drinking at all cost. It will benefit from your hair as well as for your overall physique.


49. Talk to your Doctor 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Many times people confused when they have a deal with hair fall suddenly and people don’t understand what to do? At that time you can consult any doctor or hair professional.

Sometimes hair fall is due to hormonal imbalance. You can talk to the doctor how to deal with this issue in an effective manner.


50. Don’t forget your vitamins 

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Vitamin B-12 encourages healthy circulation of blood which means more oxygen = healthy hair. Vitamin A is also important in our diet. Foods containing rich amount of Vitamin A are carrots, green leaf.




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