How to Quit Smoking

Introductionhow to quit smoking

Many of you want to quit smoking naturally or you might have tried some methods like nicotine gums and patches but they work only for short period.

I suggest you follow these 5 life-changing steps on how to quit smoking naturally.

Nowadays, smoking is not that normal anymore.

The Tobacco industry is forced to print gruesome messages and pictures on their packages, to warn people of the dangers of smoking.

Till, there are people who smoke, but it has become a bit ‘not done’ in certain social classes.


Also, business establishments no longer tolerate smoking on their premises. People who still smoke are being looked down upon: What’s wrong with them – why do they still smoke? Don’t they know? Are they self-destructive?

how to quit smoking

Are they obnoxious rebels or do they really like to smoke? Or maybe they do want to stop, but they don’t manage? Smoking is bad for you, you already know that.

Maybe you’ve been analyzing and rationalizing this many times already. You’ve probably tried quitting a couple of times already, but have had just as many setbacks. You can’t control your smoking anymore.

It leads a life of its own. But you don’t need to worry anymore we will take you through 5 easy ways on how to quit smoking naturally.


Look at the following reasons for Quitting Smoking

how to quit smoking


1. You will live longer and live better.

2. Become a high-energy person without cigarettes.

3. Quitting will lower your chance of having a heart attack.

4. Reduce the chance of Cancers of the lung, mouth, and throat.

5. Relax and enjoy the pleasure of relaxation without cigarettes.

6. Deal with your tensions without a cigarette.

7. If you are pregnant women, this will improve the chances of having a healthy baby.

8. The people you live with, especially family members will be healthier.

9. Save money.

10. You will live a Healthy life.

how to quit smoking


During the process of quitting smoking, everyone suffers from anxiety, irritation, and deprivation. In this article, you will see why smoking is frustrating and hard for you or you have been quitting in a wrong way.

When you take actions in a right way it’s easy and when you choose the wrong way it’s very hard.

There are only two effective ways how to quit smoking naturally, immediately (cold turkey), or gradually. When you quit suddenly, you use various methods to remove smoking cessation.

The natural ways are better than the other for people. Pick the one that you feel fits your temperament.

I am gonna take you through 5 working steps to quit smoking. Don’t worry about side-effects or mental depression after quitting smoking. We don’t prefer smoking pills, willpower, vaping, nicotine gums, and Nicotine patches etc.

These steps are natural and you don’t need to worry about that. So without wasting time let’s get straight into a process of quitting smoking –


1. Decision

Forget about all the bullshit you’ve heard about how difficult it is to stop smoking.  We live in a society where everybody wants you to think everything is so damn difficult.

It doesn’t have to be, but the more we hear how difficult it’s going to be, and the more we dwell on the fact that it’s going to be the hardest thing we’ve ever done, the more we feel like saying screw it.

You need to open up your mind, wipe the slate clean and prepare yourself for a new beginning; nothing that’s happened in the past matters, so let’s leave it there.


If you’ve tried to quit before and failed, who gives a shit.  You only failed because you didn’t have the right solution.

how to quit smoking

Our failures can be our greatest ally.  They often bring us to a turning point.  Look at it this way, it’s your past attempts to quit smoking pot that brought you here today.

It’s your past attempts to quit that have prepared you for this moment.

Listen, I may not know you personally, but I know how you feel.  I know your struggles, your frustrations, your insecurities, and your fears.

Everyone enjoyed it for a while but in the end, everyone desperately wanted to quit, but you couldn’t imagine life without it. But the thing is in your hands is a decision.

A decision to make your life happier, to live strong, to fulfill your dreams, to complete all the desires that you have. It’s your life you have to make a decision. Your one wrong decision will take you to the sadness, poverty but one good decision will lead you to happiness, to your desires. A choice is your’s you want to live well or not.


2. Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Although you have already decided to quit smoking, doing it can be very difficult to do.

As such you need to begin with a START –


START: S – Set a date for quitting. Two weeks from the day you decided to quit, choose a date to begin so that you still have enough time to prepare.  Within these two weeks, you should not lose your motivation to quit smoking.

If you smoke at work most of the time, then set a date that falls on a weekend.  This way, you still have a few days to adapt to the change.


T – Tell family, friends, and co-workers about your plan to quit smoking. Allow your family and friends to get into your plan to kick the habit of smoking.  Let them know that you need their encouragement and support.

If possible, choose a quit buddy who also wants to stop smoking for good.  This way, you can help each other go through the changes.


A – Anticipate and prepare for the changes and challenges you will encounter while quitting cigarettes. It will do you so much help to quit smoking if you prepare for common changes and challenges ahead.

Some of these include Cigarette cravings, nicotine withdrawal, and restlessness among others.


R – Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, car, office, or other areas you always going to. Remove all your cigarettes including your “emergency pack,” matches, ashtrays, and lighters.

You should also freshen up the areas that smell like smoke along with your clothes.  Wash your clothes, shampoo your car, steam your furniture, and clean your carpet and drapes to eliminate smoke odor.


 T- Talk to a health expert or doctor about helping you quit smoking naturally. Doctors and health experts can aid you to quit smoking naturally by suggesting Healthy alternatives.


3. Determine the things that trigger or urge you to smoke

In order to help yourself quit smoking naturally, you need to identify the things that urge you to smoke.  You should also include activities, situations, people, and feelings.

It would help you determine what triggers you to smoke by:

how to quit smoking


➢ Securing a craving journal that can help you identify your triggers and patterns.  For instance, in a week or so until your quitting date, keep a list or log of your smoking patterns.

Take note of the moments in a day when you crave to smoke.  Indicate the time, intensity of craving in a scale of 1-10, the activity you were doing when you began to crave, who you were with, how you feel during the craving, and how you felt after smoking.


4. Determine if you smoke in order to temporarily get rid of overwhelming or unpleasant feelings

Some of the most common reasons why people smoke cigarettes include discarding feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, stress, and loneliness even if it is only temporary.

For instance, if you have a long, tiring day and nobody is there to accompany you to unwind, it would seem that lighting up a cigarette relaxes you, making such stick of cigarette your only friend.

Although this may comfort you or provide you with a feeling of relief, you should keep in mind that there are other ways to do away with unpleasant feelings.

Healthier and more efficient ways of discarding unpleasant feelings include using sensory relaxation methods, practicing breathing exercises, and exercising among others.

how to quit smoking


Most people who have already given up smoking have found alternative ways to manage difficult or complex feelings without trying to light up a cigarette.

You should remember that there will always be a time that you would encounter unpleasant or painful feelings even if you have already given up smoking.

Thus, it is necessary to think of positive or healthier ways that you can do to deal with unpleasant feelings instead of reaching for a stick of cigarette.


5. Avoid Things that Trigger Smoking

Most people who smoke have a habit of lighting up a cigarette while drinking alcohol or after every meal.  There are several methods you can do to avoid things or even people who can trigger you to smoke.

●  Switch to Non-alcoholic drinks.

●  Drink only in areas where smoking is prohibited.

●  Chew on a cocktail stick or straw.

●  Snack on chips or nuts.

●  Replace smoking after every meal with munching on a square of chocolate, eating a fruit or healthy dessert, or chewing a stick of gum.

how to quit smoking



●  Let your social circles who smoke know that you are quitting the habit.

●  Avoid staying with other smokers in a car or during a coffee break.

●  Find non-smokers during office breaks.

The 5 strategies how to quit smoking naturally you learned above will surely work if you follow them. If you have any questions, doubts, queries and some other tips you can prefer from your experience related to this topic feel free to comment down below.

how to quit smoking


Quit Smoking Hypnosis

During treatment of Hypnosis, a patient is asked to imagine some negative outcomes of smoking.

For Example – Hypnotherapist suggests the patient create a picture in mind by hypnosis that cigarette smoke smells like bus exhaust, it might leave the patient’s mouth feeling extremely parched.

One of the best hypnosis methods is Spiegel’s Method which focuses on three main ideas- You need your body alive. Smoking cigarettes poison your body.

You should protect and respect your body. Hypnotherapist also teaches patient self-hypnosis and told him to repeat these affirmations anytime a smoking desire comes in his mind.

Hypnosis doesn’t work for every smoker. Only 1 out of 4 people are able to hypnotize. It varies from person to person.


Quit Smoking Benefits

Quitting smoking helps different parts of our body from brain to our DNA. Quitting smoking has several benefits but we will discuss some major changes that occur in our body.

1. Better Vision – Quitting Smoking will improve night vision and overall vision, prevent damage that smoking does to our eyes.

2. Decreased Rate of Heart Attacks – Smoking cigarettes is the major cause of heart diseases and heart attacks. These problems can be reversed by quitting cigarettes. After quitting smoking your blood pressure and heart rate attain a normal rate. Your heart rate is declined within 24 hours.

3. Prevent lung Damage – Scarring of lungs cannot be reversed. So it is better to quit smoking before it causes a serious damage to your lung tissues. After two weeks of quitting smoking, you might feel a change whenever you walk upstairs.

4. Stronger Immune System – After quitting smoking your immune system again gains strength. It is better to quit smoking because the immune system plays a vital role in preventing our body from viruses, bacteria.



FAQ ( Frequently Answered Questions )


1. Do you keep failing to quit smoking naturally?

If you continuously tried to quit smoking but you can’t then you must try new ideas then the previous one you can also join non-smoking rehabilitation centers also.


2. Why should I quit?

• You will live a good and better life.

• Become a high-energy person without cigarettes.

•It will lower chances of heart attack.

• Reduce the chance of Cancers of the lung, mouth, and throat

• Relax and enjoy the pleasure of relaxation without cigarettes.


3. Will I gain weight?

Not everyone. When you quit smoking it usually increases at least 10 pounds. Eat healthily, exercise daily you will remain fit.


4. How to take help from family?

Tell family, friends, and co-workers about your plan to quit smoking. Allow your family and friends to get into your plan to kick the habit of smoking.  Let them know that you need their encouragement and support.


5. What medicines will help?


2.Nicotine patch

3.Nicotine inhaler

4.Bupropion sr

5.Nicotine nasal spray

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