How to Become A Faster Runner


Everyone wants to enhance their running skills and wants to increase their potential and speed in running.

Before running you make sure that you wear the right equipment and be prepared mentally. Some of the techniques are discussed below.

1. Go by Feel

how to become a faster runner

You can decrease your stride length and increase your cadence if you are running well then go for it. When this becomes too tiring for you make a decision to lower cadence and strengthen length ride.


2.Observed Experience Runners

how to become a faster runner

Try to evaluate other experienced runners watch them and take inspiration from them.

See how they are working out for running if possible you can take some a personal advise from them if you know them personally. Try to figure out their qualities and how they are almost effortlessly running along.

3.Adjust Your Stride to Terrain

how to become a faster runner

Whenever you are running on rough roads and trails the adjust your side to the terrain. During running downhill if you want to increase your stride length to use gravity as an advantage and it needs to be done in an easy way to reduce stress level resulting from controlling your balance.

Stride length in uphill is shorter than flat and shorter will be relative to the steepness of the hill.


4.Optimize your Cadence

Another important key factor is steps per minute and cadence. Optimal cadence for long running distance for a runner is 185 steps/minute. Many professionals runners listen to the music having 185 bpm in order to increase concentration during running.


5.Experiment with Your Stride

Stride is the motion of your legs when they are extended and touching the ground, along with you. Every people has a different stride although most of the people have the same stride.

Finding your own stride will prevent injury during running and helps in gaining speed.

You must focus on how your feet strike the ground and how you are able to push off yourself to create stride.


6. Remember to Breathe

You have to concentrate on your breathing during running in a natural and easy way.  It’s a good way to increase your running capacity as you focus on breathing your mind distracts from the pain.

You must breathe properly do not pause your breathe as it will result in a decrease in oxygen in the lungs and you will start exhausting.


7.Wear the Right Shoes

how to become a faster runner

When you are just starting running you can wear a pair of old tennis shoes. Most of the shoe stores hire those clerks who are runner themselves so that they can understand what do you want actually.

Different shoes are made for different types of people due to their different types of arches. In some cases, ankle bends under pronation and slightly in overpronation.


8.Dress for Weather

You must dress according to the weather if you are not your running will not be successful. In summer days wear light clothes in order to avoid exhaustion and during winter days wear full flexible sports tracksuits to order to avoid cold and maintain your flexibility.


9.Adjust your Expectations

how to become a faster runner

Running takes consistency and dedication if significant progress is to be expected. If a person wants to become a professional runner he has to work out at least  3-4 days a week.

In order to built and maintain his stamina he needs to work out for it at least 4-5 hours daily and more than this if necessary.

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