How long does weed stay in your system?

Overview How long does weed stay in your system

Actually, there is no specific way to determine how much Weed is present in your system.

It usually depends upon your consumption or dose. Weed also called as Marijuana or Cannabis is detectable only if you had consumed weed in last 1-30 days.

It usually depends upon how much you smoke weed.

If you are taking higher doses of weed chances of detection increases. Smoking weed on daily basis increases the chances of getting detected.

Sometimes detection increases to 90 days in some cases. In order to get a better understanding, how long does weed stay in your system it is necessary to know What is Marijuana, How weed is detected, How weed affects your body and it’s relation to Drug testing.

Before discussing further let’s get some  overview on people who smoked weed in the last __days:

1. 32-45 days fail in Urine Drug testing (THC).

2. 60-72 days fail in Blood testing.

3. >90 days fail in hair follicle test.


Types of Marijuana (Weed) Drug testing –

Urine testing –

Mayo clinic proceeding says that the weed is detectable under some conditions for certain time after last use –

1. People who smoke occasionally (three times a week) 4 days.
2. People who smoke moderately (4-5 times a week) 6-7 days.
3. People who smoke weed on daily basis 11-14 days.
4. People who smoke weed several times a day. (Chronic Heavy Smoker) >30 days.

It takes time for Metabolites to leave your body because they are fat molecules. In the urine test, 9-carboxy-THC is detected early.

Blood testing –

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, says that weed can be detected in your blood for 1-3 days. But there are some cases where it is detectable after 24 days.

Heavy consumption of weed increases the detection time. Marijuana metabolites stay in blood tissues for a long time. These tests have narrow window time of detection.

Saliva testing –

Marijuana is detectable in your Saliva for the following the amount of time after the last use –
1. People who smoke occasionally (1-2 days).
2. People who smoke on a daily basis (1-27 days).
Metabolites of Marijuana are exposed to saliva during Marijuana consumption.

Hair testing –

After the consumption of Marijuana, metabolites reach the hair follicles. A hair is collected from a person’s body, is sent to the lab for analysis of illicit substances. Traceable amounts of metabolites can be found on your hair.


What factors affect how long does weed stay in your system?

Several factors decide how long does weed stay in your system. These factors are BMI, Gender and your age. It depends on how much your body takes to metabolize the drugs. Other factors are doses and frequency.

A higher amount of doses in the frequent amount of time increases the duration time of weed in the body. The weed which is high in THC stays body for a longer time.

THC and 9-carboxy-THC are two compounds which are easily detectable in drug tests. Metabolites are more detectable then THC for a long period of time.


What is Marijuana/Weed?

How long does weed stay in your system

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration weed is a psychoactive Drug which contains over 400 chemicals. THC is the main chemical ingredient which creates a psychoactive effect in your mind.

Weed is illegal and banned in many countries and States. Marijuana is also known as weed or cannabis. Origin of the weed plant in Central and South Asia.

There is some limited evidence which suggests that weed is used to treat Vomiting, Nausea. Weed is used to treat Vomiting, Nausea. Marijuana is the number one illegal drug in the world and the United States of America.

Weed has many adverse effects on the body. Marijuana is taken in several forms including Vaporizing, Smoking as an extract.


How Marijuana (weed) affects the body?

When you smoke Marijuana smoke passes from your lungs to your blood. Then Marijuana chemicals are absorbed by the blood tissues. It affects brain receptors.

Consumption of Marijuana leads to a memory problem, impaired movement. Weed affects your sexual health. Short terms effect of weed includes impaired attention, anxiety and memory loss. Weed is the most illicit drug in the United States of America.

Weed is the most common drug founded in  Motor vehicles crashes. Long-term side-effects of weed are changed in physical, mental behavior. Lungs and Heart diseases are associated with Marijuana. Wheezing, Sputum production, coughing is associated with the bad effect of Marijuana.

Consumption of a high amount of Cannabis can lead to cannabis use disorder. People who smoke weed multiple times a day experiences dysphoria, Irritation, Cravings.


How long does it take to feel the effect of Marijuana?

After 15-20 minutes of smoking weed, you can feel its effects. Some common effects of weed are –

1. A sense of Relaxation.

2. Anxiety, Chattiness.

3. Sensory Perception.

4. A problem in focusing.

5. Increase in appetite.

6. Sleep problems.

7. Problems in coordinating.

8. Dry eyes and mouth.

9. Fast heart rate.

10. Paranoia.

In some cases when high doses of Marijuana is taken leads to psychosis and delusion. Some high risks of overdose are –

1. A loss of memory.

2. Leaming impairments.

3. Heart stroke.

4. Lung Infections.

5. Bronchitis.


7. Mood Disorders.


Marijuana stays in your system for days to several months. Detection depends upon your consumption or occasional and regular basis. Marijuana is still a drug don’t take it. Marijuana feels good in the beginning but when you become a chronic user it will affect your body a lot.

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