Health Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric Powder is one of the best Nutritional supplement in existence. It is used as an ancient ingredient, spice for many decades. Turmeric has many Antiseptic qualities.

It is bright yellow-orange in color with an earthy taste. It is also called as Indian Saffron or Golden Spice.

Turmeric powder is one of the main ingredients in Indian Kitchens. Turmeric powder fixes a variety of health problems. It contains Anti-viral, Antioxidant, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-mutagenic, Anti-inflammatory properties.

Keep reading this article to find out more health benefits of Turmeric powder.

There are many health benefits of turmeric that can make you healthier. From improving your digestion to relieving pain. Turmeric has several health benefits and we have wrapped all data and information in a visual infographic format for more ease. Check it out.

health benefits of turmeric

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17 Healthy Ways to Incorporate Turmeric into Your Life 

Turmeric grows in Central America and Asia. Curcumin is the active ingredient present in turmeric powder. Many pieces of Research and Studies have shown it’s great benefits for your brain and body.


1. Anti-Inflammatory – Arthritis Foundation has done various researches and they found turmeric beneficial in reducing inflammation. Arthritis foundation advised consuming 300-600 milligrams of turmeric up to two times a day for instant inflammation relief.

Curcumin the active compound present in Turmeric fights Inflammation. Curcumin is effective as other Anti-inflammatory medicines.


2. Improve Liver Function – Due to its anti-oxidant abilities turmeric has got great attention. Its anti-oxidant properties are so powerful. Turmeric powder is beneficial for diabetes patient. Turmeric works as a natural detoxifier and increases vital enzymes production.

It also improves blood circulation in the body. Turmeric also prevents internal bleeding in the liver.


3. Relieves Pain – Many Doctors, prefers turmeric as a pain reliever. It is also believed to relieve arthritis pain as well. Taking 800 milligrams capsule of turmeric will help in relieving pain.


4. Aids your Digestion – Tumeric adds deliciousness to food. It also plays a great role in the digestion of food. Due to it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties it helps in proper digestion. It is also used as a healing agent in Ayurveda.


5. Boosts Immunity & prevents cancer – Lipopolysaccharides present in turmeric possess some anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties which helps in healing our immune system.

Take 1tbsp of turmeric powder and mix it in a glass of warm milk before sleep. You will get great results in a short span of time. Curcumin also helps in curing cancer symptoms in some cases. Turmeric prevents the development of cancer and kills cancerous cells in the body.

A normal addition of turmeric i.e. 1 tbsp every day, keeps you naturally healthy and supports the immune system to fight against cancerous cells.


6. Brain Protection – Curcumin is an active compound present in turmeric which repairs or heals stem cells of the human brain. It also helps in recovering from diseases like Alzheimer and Strokes.

Many studies have shown that curcumin helps to improve the memory power of Alzheimer patients.


7. Blood Clotting – Curcumin modifies eicosanoid biosynthesis process in the blood. Turmeric has some anti-clotting properties which affect the biosynthesis of thromboxanes.


8. Reduces Depression – A few studies on Turmeric have also shown that Turmeric helps in reducing depression symptoms. As active compound curcumin impacts neurotransmitter function through BNDF. It provides only a 10-20% effectiveness rating on depression patients.


9. Boosts Skin Health – Turmeric helps in increasing luster and glow of skin, healing wounds and controlling psoriasis flares.


10. Regulates Cholesterol – Heart problems is one of the biggest problems in the U.S. (high blood pressure) at an alarming rate. Turmeric helps in regulating cholesterol level. Curcumin has no effect on blood cholesterol or triglycerides. Curcumin has a great effect on Endothelium lining of blood vessels.


11. Improves Memory Power – Research studies have shown that people who eat curry score high cognitive function test. This research is done on Asian people because they include curry as their major part of a diet.

Scientists also believed that Turmeric has some anti-inflammatory properties which protect the human brain from diseases like Alzheimer.


12. Turmeric makes food taste even better – Turmeric has not only health benefits but it also gives blend taste to curry. You can also add a teaspoon of Turmeric in a glass of warm milk and consuming it before sleep. You can also add Turmeric as a spice to your food.


13. Increases Radiosensitivity & Chemosensitivity – Some studies have shown that curcumin increases the sensitivity of cancer cells which helps to detect them easily. Turmeric reduces the growth of the tumor and enhances radiation therapy effect. Curcumin prevents metastasis in thyroid cancer.


14. Anti-Angiogenic – Angiogenic is a process in which new blood vessels are formed in the body which is not good for a patient having cancer. Curcumin has anti-angiogenic properties which inhibit protein activity and transfer of blood vessel to the tumor.


15. Treat Lupus – Curcumin have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which treat lupus infection. Turmeric has immunomodulatory properties which regulate immune responses. If you take turmeric pill of 300–500 mg it is found to decrease the Lupus Nephritis (Caution – Always consult a doctor before taking any pills and medicines.


16. Kidney Problems – Turmeric has anti-oxidant advantages which treat kidney problems such as chronic renal failure, Diabetic Nephropathy, Reperfusion, and Ischemia. It also treats kidney inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


17. Treat Urinary Infections – Curcumin inhibits the progression of microbes which causes urinary tract infections. Turmeric increases the sensitivity of microbes towards anti-microbes.


How to take Turmeric?

As we already discussed several health benefits of Turmeric. Now it’s time for its consumption. So how you can include turmeric in your daily life. There are several ways to consider turmeric in your diet.

1. Turmeric Recipes/Juice

2. Turmeric Pills & Supplement

3. Turmeric Root


Turmeric Recipes


1. Тurmеrіс Вrоth Dеtох Ѕоuр

Сооk tіmе: 15 mіns

Ѕеrvings: 6

Health Benefits of Turmeric


Іngrеdіеnts:  Flavoural Turmeric Broth,

1-2 tаblеsрооns оіl,

1 оnіоn- dісеd,

2 tаblеsрооns frеsh gіngеr, grаtеd оr fіnеlу mіnсеd,

4-5 gаrlіс сlоvеs grаtеd оr fіnеlу mіnсеd,

2 tеаsрооn turmеrіс роwdеr,

¼ tеаsрооn mustаrd sееd (орtіоnаl),

1 tеаsрооn сumіn,

4 сuрs wаtеr,

4 сuрs vеggіе оr сhісkеn stосk,

⅛ Tеаsрооn сауеnnе,оr tо tаstе,

1-3 tеаsрооns аррlе сіdеr vіnеgаr – оr lіmе оr lеmоn јuісе ( tо tаstе),

¾ – 1 tеаsрооn sаlt,

1 tеаsрооn соrіаndеr,


Орtіоnаl Ѕоuр Аddіtіоns:

Міddlе Еаstеrn “Міnеstrоnе”,

½ сuр bаsmаtі rісе (drу) оr раstа, quіnоа (оr 1½ сuр сооkеd),

½ сuр lіttlе drу lеntіls (оr 1 сuр сооkеd),

1 сuр сооkеd gаrbаnzо bеаns (оr саnnеd, drаіnеd),

1 саn dісеd fіrе rоаstеd tоmаtоеs ( оr usе 1-2 сuрs frеsh, dісеd tоmаtоеs),

Сіlаntrо аs gаrnіsh,

Сhісkреа Саulіflоwеr Κаlе Νооdlе,

2 сuрs сооkеd сhісkреаs (оr сhісkеn),

4 оunсеs drу nооdlеs,

1-2 сuрs сhорреd саulіflоwеr,

2 lаrgе hаndfuls сhорреd kаlе,

Gаrnіsh wіth frеsh hеrbs: сіlаntrо, sсаllіоns, mіnt оr dіll аnd sеrvе wіth lіmе,

Оthеr vеggіе орtіоns: саrrоts, сеlеrу, fеnnеl, саulіflоwеr, tоmаtоеs, bеll рерреr, swееt роtаtоеs, grееns



Іn а lаrgе hеаvу bоttоm роt оr dutсh оvеn, sаutе оnіоn іn 1-2 Т оlіvе оіl оvеr mеdіum hеаt fоr 2-3 mіnutеs. Аdd gіngеr. Lоwеr hеаt tо mеdіum lоw аnd sаutе 5 mіnutеs untіl іt bеgіns tо brоwn, stіrrіng оftеn.

Аdd gаrlіс, sаutе 2 mіnutеs. Then add аll thе sрісеs аnd сооk 1 mоrе mіnutе. Аdd wаtеr, stосk аnd sаlt. Вrіng tо а sіmmеr. Аdd vіnеgаr оr сіtrus.

Таstе. Аdјust sаlt, асіd аnd sрісе lеvеl tо уоur lіkіng. Аt thіs роіnt уоu wіll hаvе а flаvоrful bаsе tо аdd whаt уоu lіkе. Yоu саn аlsо rеfrіgеrаtе оr frееzе thіs іn bаtсhеs fоr lаtеr usе.

Rеmеmbеr unсооkеd раstа аnd bеаns wіll dоublе оr trірlе іn sіzе, sо аdd mоdеrаtеlу. Rеmеmbеr tо thіnk аnd bе sеnsіblе аbоut сооkіng tіmеs fоr еасh іngrеdіеnt уоu

аdd. Usіng grоund turmеrіс gіvеs thе sоuр thіs lіghtеr gоldеn соlоr уоu sее іn thе рhоtоgrарhs. Frеsh grаtеd turmеrіс gіvеs thе brоth а dеереr соlоr.


2. Carrot, ginger and turmeric soup

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4

Health Benefits of Turmeric


Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil,

1 onion,

carrots, sliced in chopped,

2smallages, roughly chopped,

1 bay leaf,

Ginger 5 cm (2 inches) piece, cut into thin slices,

2 teaspoons of turmeric,

2 garlic cloves,

1 liter (1 3 / 4PT) of the vegetable breast,

chopped coriander,

4 sliced onions,

1 diced green peppers,

4 teaspoon of sesame oil,

2 teaspoons of lime juice.



Vegetable oil heat in a large saucepan over medium heat. Mix in a casserole onion, carrot, celery, and bay leaf and boil for 10 minutes with frequent stirring.

Add ginger, turmeric, and garlic. Mix well and boil for five minutes with occasional stirring. Pour the vegetable breast over and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes until the roots are soft. Remove the bay leaf. Leave to cool (batch in a kitchen machine or with a blender stick) until they are completely smooth. Back to the warmth and reheating.

Mix in a small bowl the topping ingredients. Pour the ladle soup into bowls and garnish with a few fresh coriander. Serve immediately.


3. Vegetables Turmeric soup

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4

Health Benefits of Turmeric


Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 onion,

1 medium finely chopped carrot,

2 finely chopped celeries,

1 tablespoon of McCormick ground Curcuma,

2 teaspoons of chopped garlic (about 4 teeth),

½ teaspoon of ground ginger,

¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper,

3-4 cups of water,

1 teaspoon of salt or to taste,

½ teaspoon of black pepper or more to taste,

3 cups of chopped cauliflower,

5 oz. of beans grains, drained and rinsed,

1 cabbage boots, chopped,

1 pack of shirataki noodles, drained



Add onions in a large saucepan or in a medium pot with hot oil. Cook for 6-7 minutes until the color of onions changes to brown.

Add carrots and celeries; Cook for 3-5 minutes until the vegetables are soft. Add turmeric, garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper; Stir until the vegetables are covered.

Cook for 1 minute. Broth: water, salt, and pepper; boil it; Reduce heat. Add cauliflower. Cover and cook for 10-15 minutes until cauliflower becomes soft.

When the cauliflower is soft, add the beans, cabbage, and noodles. Cook until cabbage is cooked. Serve warm.


2. Turmeric Pills & Supplements

Turmeric supplements fulfill your curcumin requirements. Pills are safe when they are taken in a limited account. They may have side-effects if consumed in large amount.

Some turmeric supplements and pills contain 300-500 mg of turmeric extract. Supplements & pills help your body to fulfill the needs of curcumin. People undergoing surgery and preparing for it must avoid turmeric at all cost. During this condition, turmeric may cause bleeding.


Where to buy Turmeric?

You can buy Turmeric from various organic stores. But always consult a physician before buying pills and supplements. Your physician will examine your body and identifies whether your body needs turmeric or not.

You can buy Turmeric from Be sure that the Turmeric product you are purchasing must be certified. Another way is to search in google for top turmeric products and also see people reviews.


3. Turmeric root

The turmeric powder is extracted from the roots of the Turmeric plant. Turmeric root is used as a medicinal plant for a long time in India. It is popularly known as “Spice for Life”.

There are about 133 species of turmeric plant all over Asia. Some common species of turmeric plant are listed below –

1. Black Turmeric.

2. Curcuma Angustifolia.

3. Curcuma Longa.

4. Indian Arrowroot.

5. Curcuma Zedoaria.

6. Mango Ginger.


Turmeric Side-Effects

1. It thins your blood – Turmeric also makes you bleed more. It thins your blood. People who consume drugs like Coumadin, avoid taking large amounts of Turmeric.

2. Upset your Stomach – Large doses of Turmeric causes irritation in your stomach. It also affects your digestion negatively. It stimulates the stomach to produce more gastric acid.

3. Stimulate Contractions – Pregnant women should avoid taking Turmeric supplements. You can add Turmeric as a spice to food.

4. Gallbladder – Overdosage of turmeric increases the gallbladder problems. Don’t consume turmeric if you have bile duct obstruction.

5. Infertility – Turmeric lowers the sperm movement and testosterone levels. This increases the chances of infertility. People trying to have a baby should avoid turmeric consumption.

6. Iron Deficiency Problem – Consuming a high amount of turmeric creates difficulty in absorption of Iron. You must consume it with caution if your body is Iron deficient.


Final Thoughts

It seems that there are some health benefits to include curcumin in your daily diet. Turmeric has a great importance in our daily diet. It has several unmatchable benefits.

Turmeric is used mainly in curry recipes. Adding it to your food recipes will help your body in several ways. It boosts immune health, relieve pain and aids digestion.

It’s important to use caution while consuming turmeric powder. Consume it in small quantity.

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