Benefits of Pumpkin Juice for your Health


We all know about pumpkin and have also tasted different pumpkin recipes but we all are not aware of the benefits of pumpkin juice in our daily life.

In Harry Potter series pumpkin juice was shown and after that, it gains high popularity among children. Pumpkin juice is also used as a healthy substitute. It contains the high amount of Vitamin D, Iron, Copper, and Phosphorus.

Juicing is the best way to gain different nutritional benefits.

Besides, it’s juice consumption it is also used in pharmaceutical preparations and sweets.

benefits of pumpkin juice

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20 Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Juice –

1. Promote Hair Growth – Pumpkin juice has great benefits for hair growth as it contains essential Vitamin A for nourishing hair scalp to promote hair growth. In this way, it acts as an effective

Pumpkin juices are packed with Vitamin E, C which promotes healthy and glowing hair.


2. Moisturize Damaged and Dry Hair – Pumpkin juice helps in moisturizing damaged and dry hair. You can apply pumpkin juice in your scalp.

First, take pumpkin paste and add yogurt in a blender and add honey and coconut oil. Apply this paste on hair and cover with shower cap. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with shampoo.


3. Hydrating Creams and Anti-wrinkles – Due to high nutritional value it is also used as an active ingredient in hydrating creams and anti-wrinkle creams.

In facials, it is widely used with ingredients like lemon juice, yogurt, Vitamin E oil for different skin types.


4. Heals Bites, Inflammation, and Burns – Pumpkin juice also acts as a cooling agent effective in healing burns and treatments of bites and provide relief in inflammation.

It has a high quantity of vitamin C, A, and E and zinc. Consumption on a regular basis of pumpkin juice is a great of healing.


5. Maintains beautiful and Healthy skin – As discussed earlier, pumpkin juice contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E or bet-Carolene to maintain better healthy and beautiful skin.

It also treats dark spots. Pumpkin face mask also treats acne.


6. Reactivates Liver Function – People suffering from viral hepatitis can take benefit from pumpkin juice on daily basis. Pumpkin juice contains a biologically active substance to reactivate liver function.


7. Boosts Immunity – Pumpkin juice acts as an immunity booster due to Vitamin C in it and helps in protecting the body from various diseases.


8. Cooling Agent – Pumpkin juice and honey acts as a cooling agent and is effective in lowering body temperature.


9. Reduce Cholesterol and Lowers High blood pressure – Pumpkin juice helps in reducing cholesterol level
and high blood pressure level problems. Consuming pumpkin juice on daily basis for high blood pressure patients is helpful.


10. Proper functioning of Urinary and Kidney System – Pumpkin juice helps in curing acidity and ulcers.
Pumpkin juice also helps in the functioning of urinary and kidney system.


11. Cures Constipation and Aids Digestion – Pumpkin juice is very beneficial for our digestive system and helps in curing loose motions and constipation due to a laxative motion.


12. Prevents Arteriosclerosis Pumpkin juice helps to get rid of old build up deposits of arterial and helps in reducing risks of stroke and heart diseases. Pumpkin juice contains a high amount
of anti-oxidants to prevent Arteriosclerosis.


13. Induces Sleep – Pumpkin juice has seductive function properties. It contains some active ingredients like tryptophan and magnesium which helps in releasing neurotransmitters which induces sleep.

People suffering from insomnia can consume pumpkin juice on daily basis.


14. Detoxification of Body – Pumpkin juice helps in the detoxifying body. It improves liver and kidney health. Pumpkin juice cleans out the dangerous toxins out from the body.


15. Treats Nausea – Pumpkin juice helps treat nausea and also helps in settling the stomach, soothing the nerves and anxiety.


16. Helps in Weight Loss – Pumpkin juice helps you to control your hunger and prevents intake of excess food. Consumption of pumpkin juice is recommended ended in several weight loss programmes.

Pumpkin juice is a low-calorie food containing 26 calories per 100 g of pumpkin.


17. Cures Insomnia Some people actually have trouble sleeping commonly known as Insomnia. Pumpkin juice is advised ed by doctors to cure insomnia. You can take it with 1tsp of honey on daily basis.


18. Treat Hepatitis A Virus – Our liver gets affected by the hepatitis A virus. It disrupts the functioning of the liver. Doctors recommend pumpkin juice to patients affected by Hepatitis A Virus.

Pumpkin juice contains active ingredients which help against hepatitis A Virus.


19. Wrinkle Face – You can get wrinkle face skin by mixing pumpkin paste with Milk, Yoghurt, Flour or lemon. It is an excellent remedy at home for glowing and wrinkle face skin.

It is widely used as a side-wise ingredient in hydrating creams and anti-wrinkle creams.


20. Energizes you Body – Pumpkin juice contains certain active ingredients which energizes your body for the whole day. Taking a small amount of pumpkin juice in the morning with breakfast energizes your body
for the whole day.



Besides, consuming pumpkin in raw form it can be used in different recipes due to its versatile nature.

Before making pumpkin juice consider following things –

benefits of pumpkin juice

1. Pumpkin must be smaller in size and have consistent color.

2. Wash the pumpkin properly and peel off the outer surface of the pumpkin.

3. Cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces.

4. Put pumpkin pieces into juicer mixer and extract pumpkin juice.

5. You can also enhance the flavor by adding different spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice, ginger.

6. Then serve it over ice to give refreshing and cooling effect.



Pumpkin juice provides various health benefits but it has still side-effects if consumed on a large

1. Bleeding Issues – Pumpkin juice has anticoagulant properties which help in blood clot from forming,
but when combined with other anticoagulant drugs it can lead to bleeding disorder and juice
cannot be consumed before operations.


2. Allergic Reactions – Pumpkin juice can cause inflammation in the stomach, swelling, tongue, lips, and gum
, shortness of breath, redness.


3. Stomach Problems – Pumpkin juice can cause stomach problems like nausea, diarrhea, cramping,
bloating and stomach upset. Try to consume the pumpkin juice in small portions on daily basis.

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