Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd


Bitter gourd or Bitter melon has various health benefits that can add a variety of richness in our diet. In this article, we will discuss some health benefits of bitter gourd that may amaze you.

Well, known health benefits of bitter gourd or bitter melon and its ability to manage or heal hemorrhoids, reduce or control diabetes and other health benefits which we will discuss in detail.

Some people don’t like it because it’s bitter taste and doesn’t involve it in their daily food diet. Bitter gourd is also used for medicinal purposes. People are not aware of its advantages or huge benefits for health.

benefits of bitter gourd



Well, Bitter gourd or bitter melon is from the cucumber, gourds and melons family. Bitter melon has rigid outside surface and harvested before ripening. Bitter melon is rich in Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

It is most commonly harvested in the Carribean, Asia, and Africa. Bitter melon has well-deserved name bitter gourd due to its bitter taste. It is also known as (Karela) in an Indian language.

Bitter melon or Bitter gourd is filled with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants. You can reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd juice by adding jaggery and honey to it.


Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd

1. Skin Care – Bitter gourd or bitter melon possess anti-inflammatory functions. They improve the skin infections such as psoriasis and ringworms, reduce the itchiness of the skin.

People affected by infections like ringworm can use or apply bitter gourd paste on the affected surface to heal it. Bitter gourd contains Vitamin A and C along with powerful anti-oxidants which prevent aging and wrinkles. It also protects your skin from Ultra-Violet rays.


2. Asthma Relief – Bitter gourd has some anti-inflammatory properties for asthma relief. No. of researches has been done by researchers about its health benefits over asthma relief.

It heals asthma conditions like bronchitis, rhinitis (hay, fever) and asthma. Bitter gourd possesses some anti-viral properties. It is recommended for asthma patients to eat bitter melon before going to sleep.


3. Acts as an Anti-fungal Agent – Bitter melon has some anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial functions. It helps the human body to fight with various viral and bacterial infections. These functions of bitter melon clear out toxins in our bloodstream.


4. Immune System – Bitter melon provides strength to the immune system. It has anti-oxidant properties
searches for virus and bacteria or free radicals in our body which weakens our immune system.

They detect these harmful micro-organisms and destroys them. As the immune system helps us to deal with various health issues. Pharmaceutical Research Journal published a study in 2010 which states that bitter gourd has anti-tumor and anti-carcinogen properties which reduces the risks of cervical and breast cancer.

The everyday human body comes in contact with at least 40-50 viral and bacterial infections but due to anti-oxidant properties of our immune system we are able to remain fit and bitter melon adds more functionality to the immune system.


5. Prevents Cancer – Bitter melon is also called as an anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor agent due to its
anti-oxidant properties. Studies or researches have shown that it prevents tumor growth for breast cancer, cervical and prostate.


6. To Cure Hangover – Bitter melon can be used to cure or treat hangover due to over-consumption of alcohol and because it possesses alcohol intoxication properties.

It cleanses and repair liver and kidney problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption.


7. Bitter gourd stop gout – Bitter gourd or bitter melon juice cleans liver. Bitter melon improves blood circulation. It helps to clean kidney problems so that kidney gain back it’s normal functionality.


8. Cure Eye Problems – Bitter melon have beta-carotene properties to alleviate eye problems and eye infections. If someone has the problem with eyesight and eye infections he must give a try to it. Bitter gourd treats vision-related problems like eye cataract.


9. Diabetes Mellitus – Bitter gourd possess plant insulin (hypoglycemic compound) which is good for lowering levels of urine and blood in our body. Bitter gourd improves tolerance of glucose in a body without change or increase in insulin blood level.


10. Bitter gourd stops cholera – A person suffering from cholera during early stages can take up to 2-3 teaspoonfuls juice of bitter gourd, mix with one teaspoonful of lime juice and two teaspoonfuls of white onion juice can cure cholera.


11. Bitter gourd Kill Cancer Cells – Juices of bitter melon or bitter gourd contains enzymes that help in lowering blood sugar levels, urine levels, transportation of sugar (Glucose) and cuts off the energy supply to the cancer cells.


12. Treats Blood Disorders – Bitter melon is highly beneficial for the treatment of itching due to toxemia and blood boils. It removes toxins from the bloodstream.


13. Digestion – Bitter melon or bitter gourd enhances digestion. It enhances the metabolism activity and enzymes used in digestion process by the body.


14. HIV/AIDS – Bitter melon properties prevent further damaging of body cells. Supports our immune system to deal with HIV infections or HIV/AIDS weakens our immune system.


15. Constipation – A person taking regular consumption of bitter melon juice can prevent constipation.


16. Weight Loss – Bitter melon helps in attaining weight loss. Bitter melon or bitter gourd juice is an ideal treatment or a way to weight loss.

Bitter gourd also helps in weight loss due to its low percentage calories, Carbohydrates, and Fats. If you are on weight loss plan you must consider bitter gourd in your diet


17. Lowers bad cholesterol levels – Some nutritionist says that bitter melon is anti-inflammatory and
helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Bitter melon juice reduces the risks of stroke and heart problems. Bitter melon juice is rich in potassium (K), also rich in folic acid and iron to keep heart problems away.


18. For lustrous hair – Bitter gourd contains nutrients like Vitamin C, A, Zinc and Biotin which spilled hair ends, removes dandruff. You can make a mixture of curd and bitter gourd juice and massage
on your scalp gently to see its benefits.


19. Respiratory Disorders – Bitter melon causes respiratory disorders like bronchitis, rhinitis and cough problems. It has some anti-viral properties.


20. Maintains blood sugar levels – According to WHO over 300+ million people suffer from diabetes nowadays. Bitter melon contains p-insulin which prevents diabetes. Bitter melon improves glucose uptake and glycemic control.

According to the World Health Organisation, over 382 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. Bitter gourd contains polypeptide insulin which helps in controlling diabetes. Taking 2000 mg of bitter gourd regularly reduces glucose blood level significantly.

Bitter melon also helps in glycemic control and rise in uptake of glucose.


21. Acne – Consumption of bitter melon removes acne. deep infections. It can be used for treating ringworms, psoriasis, scabies infections etc.


22. Kidney and Bladder – Bitter melon and bitter gourd help in curing kidney stones. It cleanses and purify the kidney and helps it to regain it’s lost functionality.


23. Naturally Energizes – Daily consumption of bitter gourd juice energizes our body and increase stamina.


24. Purifies Blood – Bitter melon juice removes toxins from the bloodstream due to its anti-oxidant properties and
anti-microbial properties. Improves blood circulation and cures blood boils, acne or rashes etc.


25. Anti-Aging – Bitter melon juice has Vitamin C properties. It eliminates harmful free radicals from the body and prevents aging. It also protects our skin from sun harmful UV radiations.


26. Oily Hair –If a person is suffering from excessive oily hair problems can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar to remove excess oil from hair. You can also avoid consumption of oily food to avoid oily hair.


27. Rough and tangled hair – If you are suffering from rough and tangled hair you can use bitter gourd juice and
paste it on your hair and allow to soak for 20 minutes. It will smoothen your hair and texture soft.


28. Dry and Itchy Scalp – You can apply paste or juice of bitter gourd on your hair scalp to remove to remove dryness. You can also mix bitter melon and banana and apply it on your hair scalp to remove itchiness.


29. Healing Qualities – Bitter melon helps in preventing infections due to its anti-viral properties. It heals wounds faster and controls blood clotting.


30. Skin Infections – Bitter gourd helps in treating or healing skin infections. Regular consumption on daily basis of bitter gourd helps us to prevent psoriasis and eczema.


Bitter Gourd Nutrition

benefits of bitter gourd

Bitter Gourd Side-Effects

1. Don’t consume bitter gourd in high amount. As it is beneficial for health but excess is dangerous which may cause abdominal pain and nausea. Pregnant women should avoid consuming bitter gourd.

2. Premature labor pain can be seen in pregnant women if consumed highly on daily basis. Try to consume it a little bit. Bitter gourd may cause emmenagogue and effects of an abortifacient.

3. It can cause irregular heart rhythm. They possess hypoglycemic. They might affect your liver.

4. The overdose of Bitter gourd can cause Vomiting, Vaginal Bleeding, and Intestinal issue.

5. Diarrhea, Abortion, liver damage and lower blood sugar level if consumed with Insulin.

6. Can cause anemia, Contractions. Don’t take bitter gourd as a supplement without consulting doctor.



If you consume bitter gourd occasionally it will be a great addition to your diet. But going beyond that limit is not good for your health. You should take bitter gourd with caution. Consuming Bitter gourd without any reason might be bad for you. But if you really want to enjoy its benefits you must consult a doctor.

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